Sunday, October 26, 2008

Helen M

... Was surprised to hear Les M wax eloquent about her. My memory card sees him differently re most teachers... D. Mc was a complex woman and not everyone found success in her classes. As counsellor, she channelled students into university or vocational programs based on her assessment of their Mmarks. Know a few who never forgave her for that....
I know I caused her much grief with my inability to properly parse complex sentences. Recall leaving the room in tears on day. :))

Having said that, I had a wonderful time with her when I returned to Whse. from my years in the wilderness aka Dawson City (63 - 68). By this time, the poor woman was an outcast (Bugara had left and a new principal was in charge). She sat in the staffroom by herself, newer teachers did not hold her in such esteem as was the case when we were in school. When I subbed there, I and Ben Sheardown would always sit with her at lunch and eventually bring a little smirk to her face. She had a lot of sick days and parents, with their newly found powers were merciless with their complaines. She, in turn, bemoaned the fact that sports took precedence over academics achievement. Few in her department supported her.... (MORE FROM HELEN'S NOTES LATER)

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